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Bioidentical Hormone and Anti-Aging Services

Synergistics Institute is a full-service concierge medical facility which specializes in Bio-Identical Hormone Optimization Therapy (BHOT™), an advanced level of BHRT (Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy), Metabolic Rejuvenation, Weight Loss, Cosmetic Procedures as well as a fully certified staff to help you develop Nutritional and Exercise/Personal Training Programs.

Synergistics Institute physicians work to bring today’s most innovative and cutting edge functional age management and weight loss medicine to our patients. Our physicians utilize only the highest quality therapies available. All Bio-Identical medications are compounded through special order by our FDA approved compounding pharmacies; and are designed for each individual patient’s needs.

Our physicians practice functional medicine; which is the treatment of the patient as a whole.

Dr. Sohael Raschid, M.D. and his highly trained staff at Synergistics Institute offer both women and men the following services:

  • Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy for Men
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy for Women
  • Physicians Weight Loss Programs
  • Anti-Aging Concierge Medicine
  • Cosmetic Procedures
  • Premier Nutritional Supplements
  • Metabolic Rejuvenation
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Competition Training
  • HCG weight Loss

Patient Testimonial

“Seeing numerous shows including Oprah and Dr. Oz and reading plenty of articles written by Suzanne Somers and Rosie O’Donnell whom are avid advocates of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy lead me to start doing some research to see if was right for me. My husband spent a lot of time with me reading about different types of therapy and looking into doctors and treatment centers in our area. After several consultations with different centers I fell in love with the staff and treatment options at Synergistics Institute.

Although I was not having full blown symptoms of Menopause, I was certainly starting to feel the effects of aging including starting to have pains from developing fibroids (an issue some women with hormone imbalance can have). The staff at Synergistics is very compassionate and knowledgeable the quickness in which they respond to my calls and emails makes me wish they were my primary care physicians! The doctor never spoke to me in a way that made me feel silly and always explained things to me in length and in ways I could understand. Never once did I feel rushed to get out of the office or off the phone. For me maintaining my health is very important and trying something new can be scary, but through my entire process I never once felt concerned or had a question that was not answered. I trust Synergistics Institute implicitly!”

- Rhonda M. Age 49; Pennsylvania


Questions? Please call Maryland Bioidentical Hormone Doctor, Sohael Raschid, M.D. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 141 to discuss symptoms.

Hormones for Women

Bioidentical Hormones relieve the symptoms caused by Menopause

Age Management

The Synergistics Institute provides Age Management & Bioidentical HRT Services

Hormones for Men

Men with Andropause or Low Testosterone can find relief using Hormone Replacement